The Cube is an experimental platform for interactive storytelling.

How the Cube works

The Cube allows filmmakers, musicians, artists and other creatives to make interactive films which the viewer controls the narrative structure. Six films - for example six concurrent scenes, or a music track sung in six styles - are wrapped around a 'cube'.

A viewer then manipulates to determine which sides they see. Audio is synchronised with the cube's movement so only sound from sides currently in view can be heard.

The Cube uses modern web standards such as WebGL and HTML and works on all platforms which support WebGL and flexible media playing. Videos are encoded in WebM and Ogg Theora format, and audio is encoded in Ogg Vorbis.

Unfolded cube

Make your own Cube

Have an idea for a Cube? We'd love to hear from you. We're currently working with all kinds of partners, from creative agencies to film-makers, musicians, and students, as well as people in the retail and education sectors. The first step is to get in touch, tell us your idea, and then have a play around in the Sandbox where you can see what it's like to create a film for the Cube.

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